Project Description

Offering a single, streamlined and repeated process in a single dashboard view in Our PieRP. Having automated your business processes, and being used this new system for the past couple of months. What are the possibilities for all the data that has been stored over that time? You now have insights on the entire companies’ Receivables, Payables , amount of requests coming in: how many were approved, rejected, and how long they took to complete. This centralized data will help you see whether it’s making life easier or harder for your employees. We’re confident it will be the former!

Our PiERP and It’s Features

  • Purchase Management

  • Sales Management

  • Manufacturing Management with MRP

  • Customer Relationship Management

  • Purchase Returns / Replenishment

  • Sales Returns / Replenishment

  • Payroll Automation

  • Leave process

  • Accounts Payable

  • Accounts Receivables

  • Fixed Assets Management

  • Cash Flow Handling with Budgets

  • Cost Centre and Dimensions Handling

  • Project Management

  • Costing with 3 Famous types